I live in Waterville and am proud that it provided my daughter excellent schools and a great place to call home. Many quality changes are coming. Although many people labeled me as a Democrat without the facts, I was and am unenrolled. I choose the best person for the job in all aspects of my life.

If I could, I would choose Jay Coelho in the upcoming City Council election. Talk to Jay or check his online profile. Jay Coelho, in these divisive times, talks about the importance of education and high-quality police and fire protection. He supports youth sports and advocates for causes like breast cancer awareness.

He is a business owner and understands that Waterville needs to be inclusive, so all ethnicities will walk into our stores. He wants compromise, wants us to continue to create and improve relationships with area colleges and businesses, and dares to stand up to voices that sometimes tarnish our city’s image.

Capable, involved, accepting and realistic: these are qualities that make Jay Coelho the best choice for City Council.


Steve Soule


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