The owners of the concert venue at Rock Row in Westbrook will conduct sound tests Monday as part of their efforts to mitigate concert noise that has spurred numerous complaints from residents of neighboring communities.

Waterstone Properties, in a news release Friday, announced testing beginning at 10 a.m. on Monday and running through 12:30 p.m. The sound will originate from the Maine Savings Pavilion stage, which has been the host of concerts beginning in May. The noise tests will be done at the music venue and also at a handful of locations in the Nason’s Corner neighborhood of Portland, where many complaints have originated.

The company said the tests, conducted by Massachusetts-based consultant David Coate, will be done in phases and will include sudden loud sounds, but music will not be playing continuously or for long periods.

Since this summer, Waterstone Properties has pledged to address the noise complaints by adjusting the levels. The number of complaints for the first concert in May was about 400 but dropped to 30 after the Aug. 31 show. In addition to complaints from residents, the Portland City Council sent a letter in September urging the company the address the issue.

The 2019 concert season at Rock Row ended on Sept. 28, but shows already have been booked for the spring of 2020.

The concert venue is part of an ambitious development of a former quarry off Brighton Avenue that will have residential, retail and entertainment components.


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