Former Maine Central Railroad No. 470 played a critical role in New England’s transportation history. Today No. 470 is a last survivor of the wonderful locomotives that hauled the elegant sleepers, dining cars and observation cars of another era, up and down the New England coast.

Since 2013, New England Steam Corp. has been making steady progress in the restoration of steam locomotive No. 470.  The big Pacific class passenger engine is now indoors, loosened up to roll once more on its own wheels, and having critical parts restored and rebuilt.

A major funding opportunity has been presented to NESCO in the form of a matching grant which will result in potentially $20,000 to be applied to the restoration. If historic preservation and the eventual operation of 470 captures your imagination, New England Steam Corp. is inviting donations and contributions. For more information, go to or to the New England Steam Corp. Facebook site.

NESCO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and all donations go to the restoration.

Richard Glueck

president, NESCO