Augusta’s City Council has always served our community well, and I think one of the reasons has been the diversity of its membership. Male, female, young and old.

In part, that is why I am so excited about Heather Pouliot’s decision to throw her hat in the ring this year. Her Franco-American family heritage runs deep here, but her main focus is on the future. I have watched with interest as she has become a real advocate for the 21st-century revival of our downtown and giving a lot of thought to new ways we can attract more people to live and work in our city.

Heather and her husband have put their money where their mouth is by investing on Water Street, and Heather is tuned into the changing demands of our new economics and demographics. She would bring a fresh and dynamic new voice to our council, and I hope she will have the support of voters citywide on Nov. 5.


Roger Katz