DAMARISCOTTA — Steve Raymond will continue his public talks on preventing cognitive decline and maintaining optimal brain health at 3 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 23, at the Inn Along the Way at Chapman Farm, 741 Main St.

Raymond’s series of varied talks in different locations is leading to an in-depth Coastal Senior College Course held at the Lincoln Home in February, according to a news release from the Lincoln Home.

This presentation will give an overview of Optimal Brain Health, and will focus on the integration of Cognitive Training programs such as Brain HQ with Mindfulness practices to promote healthy brain attributes such as attention, brain speed, visual processing speed, and auditory processing speed with calmness and clarity.

The discussion will then shift to why quality sleep is of incredible importance for brain health and memory function. The Four Pillars of Sleep will be discussed, and the ways to improve sleep to promote optimal brain, cardiovascular and metabolic health.

Raymond is the admissions director at the Lincoln Home, producer and host of “Spotlight on Seniors,” and a frequent public speaker on many issues related to Aging in Maine.

To reserve a spot, call 751-6261 or email [email protected].


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