I am writing in to bring attention to an often overlooked issue in society: economic profiling. I was shopping this morning at a very large chain store, which I will not name. I made my purchases and was preparing to leave. I was walking out the exit and a hand was held out to view my receipt. This happens every time, and it is a blatant violation of my rights and everyone else’s, but for some reason we continue to comply.

This not OK. Company policy is not law. I was working outside today and was still wearing my old jeans and a hoodie. Does that make me untrustworthy? Did you see me put something in my purse? Do you have surveillance of me stealing a can of tuna?

Does appearing to look like I don’t have a lot of money justification for this demeaning treatment?

I told the employee that it was a violation of my rights and to pass that on to their supervisor. Next time this happens to you, just keep on walking. I’m going to.


Katherine Gaudet


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