The end result of what transpired at the last Waterville City Council meeting was Mayor Nick Isgro was subjected to a barrage of out of order screaming and a longtime community organizer in Bob Vear was left gasping for air with words to finish (“Waterville mayor claims council conspired with resident against him,” Oct. 18″). Such was the ferocity of the words exchanged between the two as the mayor attempted to restore order.

Upon reflection I offer my apologies to the mayor and his family in regards to the situation that transpired to where police are now needed. The council needs to review our decorum.

I do believe as chairman of this council that with council consensus we acted in good faith to diffuse the situation by proceeding ahead and wrapping up community notes.

Out of pure humility though we must apologize for the behavior registered and strive to become a cohesive and respectful unit, which includes Mayor Nick Isgro.


Sydney Mayhew 

Ward 4 city councilor & council chairman 

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