When considering how to vote for Augusta’s crowded City Council race on Nov. 5, I am excited to share that I will be voting for Heather Pouliot because of her extensive experience and knowledge.

Heather is a hard-working, dedicated volunteer who really loves Augusta. She serves on many boards and committees in central Maine, including those appointed by the mayor. She is a past vice-chair of the Augusta Planning Board and currently serves on the Marketing & Communications Committee as well as co-chair of the Comprehensive Planning Committee.

One of the most important plans our city puts together is the Comprehensive Plan, as it is a guiding document that lays the groundwork for strategic planning in the years to come and is the foundation of ideas for our city to build upon. As co-chair, Heather has heard firsthand from residents and stakeholders what they want Augusta to look like in the future.

What better way to make sure that your ideas and concerns get addressed than electing one of the authors of the comprehensive plan who intends to implement the ideas and concerns presented to the committee?

Join me in voting for Heather Pouliot on Nov. 5. She is a true representative of the people.


Bill Logan