The Kennebec Journal recently printed an article about hunters who need to seek permission from residential property owners to hunt on their property (“History of hunting deaths invites question of reform,” Sept. 22). It also mentioned Donald Rogerson’s shooting of Karen Wood in Hermon, an obvious residential area, where the Woods were happily settled.

Donald Rogerson’s excuse for his thoughtless crime was that he thought the white mittens being worn by Karen Wood was the tail of a deer. He obviously did not take the time to identify his target as required by law. His thoughtless act separated a young, wholesome family. Karen Wood was the mother of infant identical twin daughters.

Wood’s husband Kevin left Maine not only for the painful separation from his wife but a thoughtless judicial system declared that Karen Wood was responsible, in part, for her own death because she was not wearing blaze orange during hunting season. Rogerson was not prosecuted for Wood’s death.

It’s a shame that Maine cannot attract more businesses and individuals to help with developing a better lifestyle here, but it would seem that an educated public outside of Maine would be discouraged from the news they read about this state.


Scott Tenney

South Gardiner