Have you attended a City Council meeting this year or viewed it on TV? Are you happy with what you are seeing? If you haven’t been happy with what the current council is doing for Waterville, voting for the same people but expecting different results is foolish.

Rick Foss cares about all Ward 5 residents. He has given of his time to charities and community activities to do what he can to help people in his town. Rick is a business leader with positive outcomes. Him becoming a member of the City Council will help bring the changes needed for voter’s voices to be heard.

A good example is Waterville has one of the highest property tax rates in the state. Do you as the voter want to see this continue until you are forced to sell your home, as so many longtime residents have? If you want to see a change in Waterville vote for a change, vote for Rick Foss on Nov. 5.

Cathy Weeks