The qualities we need in our civic leaders are well exemplified by George Lapointe in his campaign for Hallowell’s councilor at-large seat. The city faces many challenges — funding schools, police, and fire protection; balancing the needs of different neighborhoods and businesses; promoting rational development; determining the future of some of our historic buildings; caring for our beautiful public places; and dealing with marijuana legalization.

Lapointe has roots in Hallowell, having raised his now adult children in town, and educating them in the Hall-Dale school system. He brings decades of executive experience to his efforts on the City Council and knows how to get our public institutions to function at their best. He is both a visionary and a realist, as evidenced by his diligence in working out the details of the successful project at Stevens Commons.

George should be commended for running a positive campaign, promoting his goals and accomplishments rather than attacking his opponent. He is the best candidate for addressing the challenges mentioned above, and has our votes.

Deb and Syd Sewall