In less than a week, residents of Augusta will elect several city councilors. All of the candidates running deserve our gratitude for stepping up to serve the community. The people who are elected will put in long hours for minimal remuneration, but most importantly, they will make policy decisions that will shape our city for years to come.

I am particularly excited about the candidacy of Raegan LaRochelle. As the former director of Lithgow Public Library, I met Raegan through her service on the Friends’ board. She began her advocacy for the expansion and renovation of the library a full decade before the project came to fruition, helping with the organization of the capital campaign and the effort to pass the bond referendum.

Raegan will be an excellent city councilor. Her educational background and her work experience with municipalities have prepared her well for the complex issues the city faces. Raegan is an excellent listener, a thoughtful decision maker and someone who deeply cares about every aspect of our community.

I hope my Augusta friends and neighbors will join me in enthusiastically voting for Raegan LaRochelle for at-large city councilor.

Betsy Pohl