Health care is paramount in the developing stages of childhood and adolescence. This is of most importance when dealing with athletes. Our family was recently involved when our granddaughter was running cross country and her hips were giving her issues. We decided our best source of care would be to take her to the Shriners Hospital in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Never in a million years did we truly understand until we witnessed firsthand how efficient Shriners Hospitals are. From the moment we walked into the lobby we were warmly greeted, processed quickly with no wait time, and then taken immediately to meet the medical director of the sports health and medicine program.

The director was extremely compassionate, caring, focused, and so knowledgeable regarding all areas of orthopedic medicine. He spent a great deal of time evaluating every aspect of our granddaughter, and no one felt rushed. Lots of questions were asked and answers were given in a very clear and concise manner. A program was set up to help in her recovery and she will once again be running in a sport she loves.

It is one thing to be a Shriner and do all the fun things to keep the hospitals running smoothly. But it’s only when one is directly involved with a loved one in the care of the Shriners Hospitals that one finally realizes why the Shriners Hospitals are the best of the best.

It truly is the world’s greatest philanthropy. These hospitals treat many issues facing children including burns, cleft lip, cerebral palsy, regardless of the ability to pay. We cannot say enough regarding the excellent care given to our granddaughter.

Debbie Sherman