The Republican Party of Ronald Reagan promoted itself as the party of faith, family, fortune and flag. Today’s Republican Party does not resemble anything from the past.

Let’s take faith based on values of humility, compassion, and an ethic of universality for one another. Republicans have failed.

How about family values, as this president separates families, bad mouths women as sex objects, and lies to America repeatedly. Republicans have failed.

The value of fortune comes in terms of capitalism. Well, Republicans have succeeded in assisting the rich get richer, but the rest of Americans have been left behind. And this president has certainly enriched himself at the expense of each of us. Republicans have failed.

And then the flag. Yup. Republicans describe themselves as the most patriotic, while the Republican president ridicules military men and women,and puts them in harm’s way in Syria and other areas of the world because of feeble and disorganized diplomatic policies.

Time for a change.

Jacqueline Fournier

Mount Vernon