As people know, the country is at a critical place and the election of 2020 will absolutely have a big impact on our country. Will we remain a democracy and uphold the values we all cherish?

The more I’ve gotten to learn about and know Betsy Sweet, the more impressed I am. She has more years of experience working to get laws passed to help people with real-life problems, effectively bilaterally, with all the stakeholders — more than any other candidate running in Maine in 2020 for the U.S. Senate seat. I have been following her politically since the governor’s race and her speech last January at the Women’s March in Portland. However, I really didn’t realize the depth of her knowledge, commitment and understand of Maine’s diverse needs and issues until last week when I heard with a group of voters and spoke to her in person.

Sweet is who we want to represent us. She is bright, quick and has great plans with an ethical position on all the critical issues we face. We need and will want her to vote for us as our new senator. But, just as important, if not more so, she shows enormous integrity, humanity, compassion and grace in what she does. She is humble, as a Mainer should be.

For more, go to But, if you really want to know the real Betsy, you need to hear her talk, meet her and talk with her in person.

I hope you’ll join me in voting for her, as well as spreading the word to your friends and family.

John Soifer

South China

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