I will be among the petition-gatherers collecting signatures this fall to have a people’s referendum on the Central Maine Power corridor proposal. Please help put the referendum on the ballot.

Here are some reasons why this New Jersey Turnpike-sized cut in the Maine woods is neither good for Maine nor the planet.

CMP’s transmission line would do nothing to reduce climate-changing pollution. No increase in renewable energy would be created.

CMP would make billions selling energy to Massachusetts. Maine ratepayers would get .40 off their monthly bill, while the state of Maine would get a few million over 40 years.

The project would cut 53 miles of new transmission lines (again, the size of the New Jersey Turnpike), which would hurt tourism and brook trout habitat.

CMP provides only an estimated 38 permanent jobs for this transmission line.


The CMP line could make it harder for Maine renewable projects to get on line by clogging up the power grid.

The Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine has retracted their support for the project, which would cut across 724 ponds, lakes and streams, with project roads crossing 184 streams, harming the heart of Maine’s brook trout habitat.

A growing number of towns and plantations in the region have rescinded their support or come out in opposition to the corridor: Alna, Anson, Caratunk, Chesterville, Dennistown, Durham, Embden, Eustis, Farmington, The Forks, Greenville, Industry, Jackman, Jay, Livermore Falls, Moscow, Moose River, New Sharon, Pownal, Starks, West Forks, Wilton and Wiscasset.

The CMP corridor would create barriers for deer to migrate when the snow is deep, and disrupt other animal migration routes.


Emanuel Pariser