Honoring veterans is very important to our country. There are designated days when we honor and celebrate their service, but some people don’t get why we honor them. I believe that the way we treat veterans can cause huge changes in our country, and that it is very important to respect them. 

If we didn’t appreciate our veterans, it could cause many problems. People coming home from serving wouldn’t receive any thank-yous, and might start to wonder why they even chose to fight for their country in the first place. If you love your country enough to put your life on the line, then your country should love you just as much. If America wasn’t appreciative, then people probably wouldn’t serve altogether.

In order to fully be able to thank veterans, we need to understand what all those veterans have done for our country and how much they have sacrificed. When citizens enlist in the military, they essentially are signing their life away in service to their country. This alone is something that takes bravery, and it’s just one of many sacrifices soldiers make. They have to leave home, go through training and sometimes even fight in combat. These are all reasons why veterans need to be commemorated. 

My school has helped teach students (including me) about the importance of veterans. We have interviewed many local veterans, and we are also having an assembly to honor all veterans. All veterans are welcome to come. 

Lily Mitchell

Grade 8

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