I promise it is worth your time to think about those who have served and are serving on this Veterans Day.  

When I think of the veterans that served in the many, many wars of the past and how they were affected by them, I feel, you know, “sappy” — sad and happy. 

I am sad because after some wars, like the Vietnam War, veterans were mistreated because of certain beliefs of the American people about that particular war. Also, they end up with PTSD, depression and much more because of traumatic events. 

I am happy because some nice people strive to help war veterans through hard times and with things like homelessness, or getting addicted to alcohol, drugs and smoking. Helping prevent veteran suicide is also important. 

So anyone out there reading this message, please help veterans. Please support them when they ask for your help, or please donate a few dollars to foundations and charities for veterans because any amount can help them.  

Thank you to all the people that help these veterans. Veterans deserve your help through their struggles and hard times.

We needed them, and now they need us. 

Charles Stubenrod  

Grade 8

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