I had the opportunity to interview three special people: Robert Locklin, Clark Thompson and James Prindle. They are all true heroes, and they should know that. It made me realize that every veteran has a purpose and a story. They all have a purpose in life, whether it is serving as a deployed serviceman, a doctor, a nurse or a teacher. It’s important for us to learn their stories because, in the future, we can avoid making mistakes again, like war.

If it wasn’t for veterans who risked their lives, this world would not be the same. Even my grandfather changed this world, even though he never actually had to go to war. I still consider him a hero. He would have given up his life to save this country.

Some people think nothing of veterans, and consider George Washington a hero. These veterans are just as important as anyone, even George Washington or Martin Luther King, Jr.. People think that they changed history, but veterans did just as much work for this country. 

For example, James Prindle has been blown up 19 times, and most people do not know about the traumatic experiences he had. Veterans should be the ones on TV as much as the Super Bowl-winning athletes. He is not the only one who had a traumatic experience — there are thousands of others. People should be paying taxes to help support them, rather than paying to build a wall. 

As you can see, veterans are very important. If it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be a free country. They are the people that make you feel safe wherever you are, and they should be noticed for that. They are the true heroes of America. 

Kirsten K. Frost

Grade 8 

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