Madison Area Memorial High School has announced the following students were named to its first-quarter honor roll for the 2019-20 academic year.

Seniors — High honors: Katrina Barney, Olivia Clough, Emily Edgerly, Lauria Leblanc, Grace Linkletter, Carolyn Mcgray, Lucy Perkins, Luke Perkins, Isabella Petrey and Kathryn Worthen.

Honors: Shelby Belanger, Reid Campbell, Caden Franzose, Aliya French, Dakota Hall, Chandra Holt, Cianan Morris and Skyelar Pollis.

Honorable mention: Autumn Cates, Isaiah Cyr and Aiden O’Donnell.

Juniors — High honors: Kyle Bean and Kyle Tuscan.

Honors: Everett Cameron, Ethan Knox, Alexis Lancaster, Elizabeth Lightbody, Aiden Ostiguy, Kelsey Pease, Zoe Pomelow, Ashley Pomeroy, Evan Reynolds, Dimitri Turcotte and Bryce Willette.

Honorable mention: Joe Hume, Jasmine Jewell, Ana Preble and Krista Reynolds.

Sophomore — High honors: Ghillian Bonito, Christopher Carlo, Thomas Dean, Chayse Howarth, Gino Jacobs, Landyn Landry, Abigail Linkletter, Brooke Mckenney, Anna Paine, Brianna Paine, Jaden Spaulding and Vernon Worthen III.

Honors: Daniel Mone, Emma Quintal, Marcus Smith, Jackson Theriault, Benjamin Thrasher, Clayton Ellis, Chloe Kay, Matthew Kennard and Lillian Levesque.

Honorable mention: Danika Abbott, William Cabral III, Gabriel Fagan, Riley Garland, Leila Rae Horton, Jillian Michaud, Xavier Poissonnier, Damien Tuttle and Kaleb Watson.

Freshmen — High honors: Maci Belanger, Serenity Clark, Ashlee Clough, Natalie Haley, Kayden Hibbard, Gavin Landry and Brendon Trundy.

Honors: Madison Askew, Olivia Askew, Carissa Coltrain, Cody Cook, Tori Culleton, Krystena Cunningham, Peyton Estes, Colby Heady, Laura Holden, Skye King, Garret Mclean, Amzi Olson, Isaac Ouellette, Caroline Peck, Madison Perkins, Morgan Pullen, Breanna Watson and Thomas Watson.

Honorable mention: Shyre Bonito, Zackary Byrnes, Abel Corson, Jacob Mansfield, Marilyn Worcester, Trent Worster and Andrew Young-Fernandez.