There are many people that will not get to hear and learn about what their relatives went through during war. Whether they were in war or not, they were still affected. 

When I went to the Cole Land Transportation Museum, I learned about what Mr. Thompson went through in war. Until then, I had not realized the importance of listening to veterans’ experiences. When I heard his story, it occurred to me how many people do not understand just how important hearing stories from veterans is.

After I went to the museum, I had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Prindle from the Travis Mills Foundation. Mr. Prindle’s war story confirmed what I thought about hearing veteran’s stories — hearing their memories is very important.

Mr. Locklin’s story was very interesting to me because of the details that he included. He told me how his helmet got split into two pieces. I thought that it was fascinating how something that is supposed to be bulletproof could be split into two pieces.

I do not think that veterans should have their stories forgotten. I also don’t think that people should have their chance missed because they did not ask about the stories that they have in their family. I think that people should listen to the stories that their family holds. 

Samantha Barrett

Grade 8