Augusta is a special place because of its geography, historic architecture, and, most importantly, its people. We get to know our friends, neighbors, and co-workers when we are in the community, whether that is when we’re picking up groceries, working in the yard, or going downtown.

It’s quite difficult to build community from behind a steering wheel, and, unfortunately, it can be hard to meet your neighbors if it isn’t safe to move around town on foot or on bike. In Augusta, three of our neighbors were hit by cars in recent weeks while walking.

It is unacceptable that walking in our town can have such severe consequences. For our neighbors who don’t drive, safe sidewalks and crosswalks are essential to ensure they can participate in community events and contribute to our town. The benefits of creating safer roads extend to all of us by making it easier to exercise, improving property values, and improving business opportunities.

A new group in Augusta, CAPITAL — Cyclists and Pedestrians Invigorating the Augusta Life! — has formed to ensure our roads are safe for all users. We have three focus areas: 1) Be a resource for the community by listening to your needs and providing education; 2) Be a resource for the city by relaying community concerns, and mobilizing action to create solutions; and 3) Work with partners to try new infrastructure and street design changes to improve safety. We are committed to building on the great work being done by Augusta Age-Friendly, the city, and the Department of Transportation to make Augusta a safe place for all to get out and enjoy.

Contact our group if you want to get involved ( and like us on Facebook to stay in the loop (@CAPITALbikeped). Happy and safe walking from all of us at CAPITAL!


Kirsten Brewer and Kalie Hess


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