Not everyone in my adopted home state of Maine agrees with killing animals for sport or even food, and some of us are quite upset by the idea. Yet I opened my Nov. 3 Central Maine Sunday to read about national news and local events in my adopted home state and was immediately face to face with pictures of hunters and their dead deer on the front page (“BANG: It’s opening day“).

It was not a pleasant sight to be greeted with. I understand why folks would want to be in the paper, and I don’t deny your right to publish these pictures, but I ask for a little sensitivity. Could they be placed inside the sports page so that folks like me could have a choice about whether to look at them or not?

It really is an unpleasant shock to be forced to see this when I open my paper. I don’t challenge people’s right to hunt; I just don’t want to be an unwilling participant in viewing the results. Thank you.

Tracey Horton


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