I recently visited a Facebook page called Stop the Corridor. I went there with an open mind, as I wanted to learn. Some of the comments I read didn’t actually surprise me at all. I’ve heard these comments disparaging people from Massachusetts come out of many a Mainer’s mouth. They say the people of Maine shouldn’t share resources with them.

I personally haven’t formed a opinion whether Maine should allow the Central Maine Power corridor in western Maine. The one thing I do know is our neighbors to the south aren’t jerks. They work to support our way of life in this country and also die on American battlefields along with Mainers who serve.

Some of us need to get a grip when it comes to sharing Maine resources. We are one country, one people. Maine is a resource-poor state Almost everything we use is imported. We import most of the fuel that heats our homes and businesses. We import all the steel used in our factories and vehicles. The long and short of it is we depend on others to survive in Maine.

We as a state should be willing to do our part to help grow this nation when possible. I urge you to keep a open mind when sharing Maine’s resources with others, whether it be timber, bottled water or electricity.


John Hopkins


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