Until recently I had little interest in politics. But all of that began to change when I came across the phrase: “not left, not right, forward.” That piqued my interest and brought me to learn more about Andrew Yang, a 2020 presidential candidate.

When I first heard about Yang’s idea of all adults sharing the country’s wealth by receiving a universal basic income of $1,000 a month I thought it was a gimmick. But after reading his book I not only began to see the profound implications of the human-centered capitalism he is proposing, I began to feel them.

But to see and feel Yang’s vision there are two basic assumptions that need to be questioned — the assumption that our country does not have enough wealth for all to share in and that everyone does not have equal value. 

Yang points out the falsity of these assumptions and how we can only create a new way forward when we see that. We do have the prosperity for all to share in and each one of us does have equal value. A “trickle-up economy” as well as GDP measurements reflecting our overall well-being will help unleash the best of our humanity, which will then reveal solutions to problems we long thought unsolvable.

There is no telling what this country is capable of when we the people, the true value of this country, are trusted and unleashed to fulfill our highest potential.


Dhyana Stanley


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