We get to read article after article in this paper regarding climate.  You tell us that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, which traps heat. This causes global warming, but you call it climate change. That sounds duplicitous to me.

Now everybody in Maine is supposed to be excited about getting “carbon” neutral. In a state that is 90% forest (over 17 million acres of forest), with a population of 1.3 million, I suggest we already take more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than we produce.

You are not going to have any effect on mother nature by forcing Mainers to buy high-priced, unreliable electricity, wind and solar, or paying extra taxes on heating oil and petroleum products. All that will accomplish is to make government bigger and limit our freedoms. The results of these kinds of policies are already evident in California, New York, and other states that are bastions for liberals.


Paul Anderson


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