As a conservative voter and veteran who is concerned with the current impeachment proceedings, I would like to see how the process is going to play out, for better or for worse. If the impeachment proceedings are sidetracked, then we’ll never hear the end of it. And it will undoubtedly affect President Trump come election time. Instead of handing the Democrats an election, he should stand tall and defeat this impeachment by following the rules.

I know Republicans obviously disagreed with launching the present inquiry, but now that it is under way, they must put aside partisan interests and focus on carrying out their legal responsibilities.

I have always been proud because the GOP was the party of the Constitution, and now is the time for them to prove it by making sure the president answers for the questionable way he has comported himself in foreign affairs. The rule of law and the future of our nation depends upon a fair but thorough investigation.

Mark St. Vincent


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