I’ve often heard people blame “the government” for all their woes. “The government” did this to them or “the government” wanted to stop them from doing what they want to do.

But that is quite foolish. Were not all our  government leaders elected by “we the people”? And weren’t most of the government workers appointed by those same officials or hired by our civil service system?

If we must find fault with anyone, perhaps it should be with our financial “leaders”: the CEOs and corporate hierarchy. After all, it is mostly corporate money that was contributed to election campaigns and put our “leaders” into office in the first place. After getting all that money that got them elected to office, those leaders were no longer representing the people they were elected to serve, but their big-pocketed benefactors instead.

Remember, we still have the right to vote our political leaders into office. When was the last time you were at a major stock meeting and voted for the CEO of that corporation? In most cases, probably never. Yet it is those corporate leaders who dictate to most elected officials what is good for us or bad for us. Take my word for it: Those officials are going to do what their major donors want them to do. And those major donors don’t give a hoot about what’s good for you or I. They only care about what enhances their own bottom line.

The next time you blame “the government” for your woes, maybe you should share some of that blame. You, the voter allowed this corruption to go on for far too long. The next time you vote, vote for someone who will represent you and your neighbor. That is, unless your neighbor is a CEO.


Peter P. Sirois


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