About this time nearly every year I write something like this, but it has a personal twist this year. With it getting dark earlier, I usually comment on how many vehicles I see with only one headlight or tail light. I urge people to park facing a blank wall or a store window and check their lights.

Well, this year I happened to walk around my own car after dark and noted the low beam on one of my headlights made me one of those one-eyed wonders. Quick trip to buy a new bulb. They are often easy to replace yourself. If not, the staff at some auto parts store will help you. (By the way everyone should have their headlights on any time your car is in drive, day or night.).

Also, the traffic light where South Belfast Road crosses Cony/Church Hill roads in Augusta really has some wild timing. I have waited two or more cycles while the cross traffic gets green, or nobody got green.

And speaking of roads and traffic, the congestion at the intersection between Walmart, Olive Garden and the Civic Center could be relieved at least a bit if traffic intending to go north on I-95 could turn left opposite Walmart to merge with the northbound on-ramp via a short connector where the two curves almost touch. Traffic might be even more diffused if a connection could be made from the other end of that mall to Old Belgrade Road.


Harvey Versteeg


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