The purpose of the House impeachment inquiry is really quite simple, yet our Republican representatives seem unable to focus on task.

First off, this isn’t about Joe or Hunter Biden. Did Hunter use his father’s political position for his own personal benefit? I don’t know, maybe. The children of the rich or famous have used their parent’s status for their own questionable gain since time immemorial. This can cause trouble particularly in the political sphere. It’s called nepotism, and rules and laws exist to try and mitigate its potential problems.

Maybe we should ask President Trump if he would favor a separate investigation to see if the Bidens are beset with nepotism. And while he’s at it, maybe he should check and see if there are any other instances where children of current prominent political figures are riding their father’s coattails. What say you, Mr. Trump; shall we get to the bottom of this? Do you want to investigate nepotism? Don? No comment?

The point is Trump and his fellow Republican are free to be concerned about privileged kids taking undo advantage. Start your own investigation if you wish. Leave no stone unturned, starting in your own back yards.

But stop with the distracting. That’s not what this impeachment investigation is about and it shouldn’t take someone like me to point it out. The purpose of the current investigation is to answer this question: Did President Trump use his power and the resources of his administration to bribe or extort an allied foreign government into doing something for Trump’s own political interest over and above the best interests of our country?

Can the distractions please and answer the question.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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