On Nov. 24, your paper published a letter addressing Lisa Savage’s campaign for U.S. Senate with the headline “Greens should try to unite progressives.” That is exactly the goal of Lisa’s campaign: to unite everyone who believes we should put people, planet, and peace over profit, and that politics should be guided by values, not the interests of big donors. The author mentions that he agrees with the Green Party’s key values and believes most Democrats would too. Great — so let’s unite behind a campaign that lives and breathes those values.

The history of progress in this country was forged by independent parties outside the establishment that fought to bring once-radical ideas into the political arena. The Green Party has led the way on countless issues, from same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization to the Green New Deal, Medicare for All and tuition-free public higher education. Now that these ideas are winning the public debate, why shouldn’t we work to elect people who are fully committed to them?

While some blame independent voters every time their preferred establishment party loses, Mainers have already figured out how to free people to vote their values: ranked-choice voting. Now Maine can serve as a model for the nation of how to evolve beyond today’s bitterly partisan two-party system to a healthy multi-party democracy. Instead of accusing others of “splitting the vote,” we can engage in constructive debate about the best policies to face challenges like rampant inequality, endless war and the climate crisis.

Lisa Savage’s campaign for Senate (LisaforMaine.org) is uniting progressives, independents and others who believe Maine needs someone in the Senate who works for the people, not the powerful. Like those who elected Bernie Sanders in Vermont, we want a senator who puts principle over party politics. Join us!

Mary Beth Sullivan


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