Alice Darlington

SEATTLE, Wash. – Alice Darlington, 95, passed away peacefully on Nov. 13, 2019 at her home in Seattle.

Education was important to Alice. She was trained and worked as a visiting and hospital nurse in the 1940s, and continued her education in the 1970s at local community colleges, earning a BA in Art History. Meanwhile Alice helped found Forum A, which brought New England artists, performances, and residencies to local schools. She also promoted and awarded nursing scholarships to graduates of local high schools.

Alice believed in fairness, justice, and community service. She volunteered as a Consumer Advocate for the Maine State Attorney General’s office, where she was later promoted to Director of Volunteers. In Arizona, Alice and Brint worked at a local state park and helped to start and staff a thrift store that supported thousands of local families every year.

Alice loved the outdoors and all things growing and had gardens wherever she lived. She became a Master Gardiner while in Maine. Throughout her life studied and grew flower, vegetable, sun, shade and desert gardens. While living in Maine, she became a Master Gardiner.

She is survived by her husband of 74 years Dr. Brinton Darlington; daughter Linda Darlington, Linda’s spouse Hunter Townsend, her grandson Bill Gammon and great-grandson Tyler Gammon; daughter Ann Darlington, Ann’s spouse Jim Elsea , and grandson David Elsea; and her daughter Martha Darlington and Martha’s spouse Dana White. Alice was previously deceased by daughter Gail Darlington in 2006. Alice’s smile, wit, and kindness will be sorely missed.