I have been able to listen to the impeachment “hearings,” or at least as much as I could stand. Never have I been so angry, disgusted or scared for my country, my freedom, and my grandchildren. Many courageous people, like my ancestors, fought to be free. They studied great minds such as Cicero and Plato. Due process and presumed innocence became paramount for freedom and equality.

What I viewed during these “hearings” was anything but justice. Justice is supposed to be blind but the only blindness going on here was, “Trump is guilty (and it changes daily) of bribery, abuse of power, contempt of congress and obstruction of justice.” That’s the narrative. The truth and the facts are — and, yes, we should deal in both truth and facts — there is nothing going on here. Nothing nefarious. Nothing illegal. Not one person called forth to testify could say, under oath, that President Trump was bribing Ukraine. President Trump “asked for nothing” from Ukraine, according to Ambassador Sondland. He did what any President would do to make sure our foreign aid is used properly.

The hearings were a sham, so President Trump gave it the contempt it deserved. The obstructers were these Democrats. These Democrats obstructed this investigation being conducted justly. These Democrats showed contempt for President Trump and everyone who voted for him. These Democrats are doing anything to distract us from the fact that they have nothing on President Trump.

These Democrats have allowed the Republican members only three witnesses. These Democrats get to go off on rants with fictitious allegations and “parody” (as Rep. Schiff called it). These Democrats are not procuring justice for the American people, they are preventing it from happening. These Democrats need to stop the impeachment sham.


Diane Vernesoni


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