After many reports in the newspaper and TV in reference to Indigenous People’s Day, I have an opinion.

I am not against an Indigenous People’s Day, but those dates that had already been designated for established holidays were designated for the reason. They shouldn’t be changed for convenience.

Let’s look at all of the remaining dates on the calendar that could be designated as Indigenous People’s Day. Maybe we should make it our goal to celebrate indigenous people every day, and not just one day on the calendar.

So many of the designated holidays have been changed and renamed. One of the important ones is Memorial Day which was designated May 30 for a reason. Look it up. Most of the holidays having been changed for convenience and a long weekend.

I feel that the holidays that were designated for a certain date should have remained as they were. People before the changes didn’t suffer. Sometimes we liked a day off during the week. Today everything is for convenience.

How would you feel if your family decided to change your birthday, wedding anniversary or another important date to a date that satisfied them, maybe a Monday so they could celebrate?

At least Veterans Day, Nov. 11, has not been changed.


Judith Couture


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