I was watching Meet the Press recently and couldn’t help but wonder if host Chuck Todd and his guests will have their heads explode if President Trump wins in 2020. The fake-news Democratic Propaganda Party has been wrong about everything else, why shouldn’t they be wrong about the upcoming election?

They spent a year telling Americans Trump couldn’t win. The campaign to impeach Trump started the same day he was elected. They spent almost three years telling Americans how the Mueller report was only a formality, then he’d be gone.

Now the corrupt media is hot for the impeachment of Trump while all the time turning a blind eye to our president’s allegation that Joe Biden demand Ukraine stop investigating his son for corruption or risk losing U.S. aid. The media tried to make out during the campaign that we (the deplorables) would never accept the election results if Hillary won. Well, she lost and they can’t seem to grasp that both parties need to accept the election results.

The Democratic media propaganda machine has been trying to overthrow our duly-elected president by hook or by crook since Day One. It’s no wonder so many Americans look elsewhere for news.


John Hopkins


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