JAY — A student’s statements last week about bringing a gun to school and hurting himself and others was not a viable threat, Regional School Unit 73 officials said Thursday.

An investigation followed an incident involving a 13-year old eighth grade boy at Spruce Mountain Middle School on Dec. 5.

“There was an issue last Thursday in which a middle school student was heard making a statement about bringing a gun to school, hurting or killing people and then killing himself. Upon completion of the investigation it was decided that it was not an actual viable threat, but of course a very concerning statement,” Regional School Unit 73 Superintendent Scott Albert said in an email Thursday.

Middle school Principal Greg Henderson met with the student, the student’s parent and law enforcement.

The school and School Resource Officer Darin Gilbert handled the situation, Jay Police Chief Richard Caton IV said.

“No one has been charged,” he said.

Albert said Henderson and the guidance department will continue following up with the student.

The district has no direct policy on notifying parents when an incident such as this occurs at this time, Albert said. The policy book is in the process of being evaluated and updated by Maine School Management Association.

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