Where is Jared Golden? While the entire country is forced ad nauseum to watch coverage of the impeachment inquiry, it seems almost every person in the country is weighing in with their opinion. Well, at least everyone except Congressman Jared Golden, D-2nd District.

The impeachment hearings have dominated news cycles for weeks, yet Golden is still unsure whether the president should be impeached. He said that he opposed the idea of opening the impeachment inquiry, yet when push came to shove, he voted for Congress to move forward with the formal impeachment hearings.

It’s clear that Rep. Golden is attempting to walk a tight-rope of appeasing resistant Democrats while representing a district President Trump won by 10%, but in reality, he is misleading them both.

It’s high time for Jared Golden to be honest with us and tell us where he stands: Does he support impeaching our president or not?


Sharon Bemis


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