Does President Trump have anyone who still tries to explain anything to him? “Where’s the server, who’s got the server, they say it’s CrowdStrike.” Is he really this misinformed? Hackers didn’t don masks, cut a hole in the walls of the Democratic National Committee and make a getaway with the goods.

It was cyber espionage beginning in 2015 and continuing till May 2016. The DNC computer network was infiltrated and mined for information which was downloaded back to the hacker’s computers via the internet. CrowdStrike (an American company) was hired by the DNC to help analyze the attack and clean out its system.

No one made off with the “server.” It was an attack on a network; an information breach like what happens to credit card companies when they get hacked. Read about in the Mueller report or the intelligence committee’s investigations from both branches of Congress, including the Senate, where Republicans still hold sway. All agree it was Russia; they stole content to help mount a disinformation campaign on social media heavily favoring Trump.

Who does Trump listen to anyway? Look it up on online; I did. It’s a page and a half of reading for those who still have an attention span.

Trump’s reliance on conspiracy theory and alt-Right opinion blowhards has led us down a rabbit hole that going to take decades to come back from. I fear many may never. How so many can follow someone so remarkably ignorant defies explanation.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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