Name: Melanie Hubble

Age: 42

Title: Co-Owner with husband, William Hubble

Organization: Wagging Tails Grooming Salon

About: Wagging Tails Grooming Salon, which has been open in Winthrop for about five years, is a dog and cat groomer at 127 Main St., Winthrop.




Q: What made you think this would be a successful business?

A: I worked for other people, and I saw the need for it. Dogs are in. Everyone has little dogs, and they take good care of their dogs. Some people take better care of their animals than they do themselves. I love to make (dogs pretty). I used to do people hair, and I like working with animals better.


Q: What was your biggest influence in going into business?

A: I’ve always wanted to work for myself, and I love animals. I have wanted to work with animals. 



Q: Who inspired you to go into business?

A: My husband, William. He has always been self-employed, so he made it happen. He was like, “I am going to open you a shop and help make your dreams come true.”  We have been married 10 years.


Q: Where do you hope to be in five years?

I hope to open another shop. I hope to open another Wagging Tails in another town and be big enough so that we can do more dogs. 


Q: What do you value do you value in an employee?

A: Someone who has a true love for animals and takes pride in what they do. I want them to make the animals feel good. I do not care how much time it takes to do the groom. It is more the value that it does for the pet and the owner. 

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