I am writing to express how much I appreciate Skowhegan. After leaving for 20 years and coming back, it took awhile to adjust, and I wasn’t sure if it was time to be here.

Over the past years it has been a treat to see what a great community we have. From the transformation of the jail into a food phenomenon to the cool art all over town, the amazing library, the new trails, a beautiful and affordable movie theater, dance studios, and a rec center that offers so much, to all of the new trails, a peaceful, lovely park, revitalized downtown and the ever-so-cool radio station, the always friendly and beautiful Bankery, a downtown school, baseball bats, and farmers market — and the list goes on.

Aside from all that is the local kindness. There are so many instances of businesses caring for others, from the lady who can only afford one tire at a time but gets all four for safety to the redemption center staff that looks out for the kids who need food. Just good stuff!


Lisa Kimball

East Madison

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