I am a 72-year-old citizen of Maine and resident of Augusta. I am not an alarmist and most generally an optimist and pragmatist. But now I’m scared. Deeply frightened to be exact.

With President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr, backed by the full support of the Republican Party, turning away from time-honored laws, policies and traditions in favor of authoritarian ways, I am deeply fearful of what is to become of our democracy.

We are in desperate need of American people strong enough to stand up for the democracy that we have enjoyed for nearly two and a half centuries.

I’m counting on the members of our congressional delegation to each be one of those people. Yes, there will be slings and arrows to deal with if they stand against President Trump and Attorney General Barr. But in very real terms, the nation is depending on you now more than ever. Please don’t let us down.

Maggie Ricker

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