I assume that Brad Sherwood’s Dec. 10 letter asking people to “Take close look at socialism’s core values”  is an open invitation to respond. But rather than touting the glories of socialism, I think an opposing viewpoint is more in order.

Sherwood expresses concern for the “common good” but this movement is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s palatable to many people, especially our younger generation, because it’s peddled as a caring government providing for everyone’s needs. But when the money from the despised capitalists runs out —  and it will — this desired “common good” will ultimately lead to slavery to the government and the forced redistribution of wealth.

Sometimes Biblical verses are used as an argument to support “socialistic” sharing. But Biblical principles hold a positive view of what is expected of the individual, his family, private property, and the rule of law.  This sharing was Biblical charity, not compulsory abolition of the right of individual ownership. Distributions were not made to achieve “equality,” but were determined by the need of the recipient.  Donations were given to the church, not to civil government.

So don’t be taken in by a Utopia promised by the Democratic presidential candidates, who advocate socialism as the panacea for all our ills. The hidden consequences of socialism fit very well into the leftist agenda of total government control. This is not America’s heritage.

We want what promotes freedom, with a minimum of government interference.


Pat Truman


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