A former Fayette resident made a $1,500 donation to the Fayette Fire Department, enabling the department to purchase a new gas detection system.

“It was a significant donation in memory of my dad,” said Fayette Fire Chief Marty Maxwell. His father, Robert Maxwell, of Hartford, died in March.

The donation was made by Maxwell’s mother, Doreen Maxwell, of Hartford, during an annual dinner held by the department’s auxiliary Dec. 16.

“This gets us back on track to having a gas meter,” said Maxwell. “With a donation like this, we have the money to use on other things.”

The meter is portable and will allow the department to detect the presence of gases, including propane and carbon monoxide. Maxwell said it has a wand, which can give firefighters the ability to take a sample of the air before entering. It also vacuums in the sample in order to get a specific air sample.

“In light of what happened (in Farmington),” said Fayette Town Manager Mark Robinson, “it was make sure our people had the appropriate gear.”

“This gift came at a great time,” said Maxwell. The department’s old meter was in need of new sensors, a costly expenditure to the department.

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