I was distressed to read the Press Herald series  about Maine’s emergency medical system in crisis for lack of sufficient funding.

EMTs are required to have special life-saving training and education. As someone who has relied on EMS personnel more than once over the past few years, I can attest to the fact that these dedicated, caring professionals are members of an incredibly valuable workforce that deserves our support – and a decent living wage.

When my daughter had a medical emergency recently, the EMTs came to her aid within minutes. In another incident a couple of years ago, EMTs came to our home in the middle of the night when I was suffering from dehydration. They are knowledgeable, reassuring and patient, even when a possible heart attack turns out to be something less life-threatening.

Our EMT system – and the professionals who staff it – deserve to be better funded and supported.

Audrey Gup-Mathews


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