Julia Lyn Chesley

NORRIDGEWOCK – Julia Lyn Chesley, 39, passed away peacefully Dec. 15, 2019 at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. Her close twin sister, Juliet Mary Chesley, and best friend, Charlie Phillips, were by her side.Julia was born on March 26, 1980 in Skowhegan. Julia grew up in East Madison, and her current address for the last four years was in Norridgewock with her beloved stepdad, Woody Phinney, of whom they both took great care of each other. Julia was the daughter of her predeceased parents, Bette A. Chesley and David R. Chesley of East Madison. Bette and David gave Julia and her siblings a delightful childhood and helped form Julia into the loving and caring person she was. She was a giving, selfless and loving person to the very end.Julia graduated from Madison Area Memorial High School, class of 1998. After that she attended Thomas College in Waterville for Business Management. However, Julia took a different avenue and devoted her time to working with children and those with special needs. She was a behavioral specialist for Spurwinck out of Chelsea. She then continued her many years of working within the field with Merry Meeting Behavioral Health Services. Julia was a devoted team player within the field, as well as other miscellaneous positions such as in home support for those in need. Within these years, Julia was also devoted to the care and well being of animals, especially chocolate labs. She learned how and then helped train and breed AKA chocolate labs with her close companion David Bolduc of Palmyra. All of Julia’s dogs were and became her “babies”, and she always treated them as such.Julia is survived by her sister and closest friend Juliet Chesley of Skowhegan, her older sister Anne Webb of Madison, an older brother Steven Chesley of East Madison; her stepdad Woody Phinney, aunt Pat Bouchard, aunt Linda Archer, and uncle Alban Bouchard; a nephew Davin Pinkham and nieces Ashley and Maci Chesley; a life long soulmate, Tommy Mullen; life long companions and best friends Charlie Phillips and David Bolduc; along with many cousins and close good friends; and not to forget her pride and joy, her baby boy Gus, whom Julia raised and formed him into the sweetest dog on earth.There are no words that are capable enough to ever express to the fullest extent of coping with such a great loss as this. Julia was a huge part of everyone’s lives and all she ever did was create more joy to life to all around her. So again, there are no words to fully express how dearly missed she is and always will be! I’m lost for words, so I’m going to steal a page out of Julia’s book because even though she is not here, her words and voice will still never fade away to me. Per Julia’s favorite quote and with her words “Everything in Life Happens for a Reason-Whether it’s Good or Bad-in the End It Always Makes Sense.” We Don’t Ever Say Goodbye, We Just Say, “See You Later”, Because We Shall Meet Again. We Will Have Good Times and Bad Times, Life Could Force Us Up Against a Fence, However, Have No Worries, Be Happy and Keep Moving On, Because In The End, It Will All Make Sense. There is no time for Goodbye, just “See You Later,” Until We Can Fly High Together Happily and Meet Again.The funeral for my beloved sister Julia will take place at Giberson Funeral Home in Madison, Jan. 11, 11 a.m. The Funeral will be orchestrated by the wonderful Rev. Mark Tanner. I invite all family and friends to attend the funeral and directly after a fellowship and celebration of life get together. The location will be determined at the funeral. Refreshments and food will be provided, and all are welcome to come, and all are welcome to celebrate the life of Julia and all the loving memories she created.Thank you very much, and for any questions or concerns, please contact Juliet Chesley via email at [email protected]