The religious right’s support of Donald Trump goes like this: Flawed though they be, God has a way of putting people where he wants them so that His will be done. All people are where they are and do what they do, good, bad, or otherwise, by the will of God. So who are we to question anything that happens?

How does this rational help anyone make choices, because no matter what one does it’s, by definition, the will of God? It renders existence rather pointless.

The alternative is something like: Well, only some people are doing God’s will and only some are put where he wants them. The question then is, how are we to know whether a person is doing the will of God, or just acting out of their own flawed volition?

We could ask the likes of Pat Robertson and Rick Perry or we could use our own God given power of discernment. I’ll go with the latter, and ask we consider this: (Micah 6:8) “What does the Lord require of you oh man, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God?”

Justice, mercy, humility; what wonderful foundations for character. Does President Trump personify any of these? He rather seems their antithesis.

Consider also: (Matthew 16:26) “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul?” This is the question Republicans are facing in their Faustian bargain with Trump. The soul of the Republican Party and indeed of our very nation is at stake here.

The “mandate of Heaven” is not to be given lightly by us mere mortals. Did Trump even have it to begin with? I say nay but what do I know; opinions vary.


Roy Estabrook

North Monmouth

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