Rep. Jared Golden, D-2nd District, should be commended for his informed decision-making and personal courage in determining his votes on the Articles of Impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Given the historical significance, Golden got to his decision from a place where a majority of elected representatives fail to start: objectivity. Golden stepped away from the political circus to consider the president’s actions and the expedited procedural process. He sought guidance from the Federalist Papers, a Nixon-era book on impeachment, and even consulted an individual who was, at one time, in the same position as him: former Republican Maine Sen. Bill Cohen. To quote Thomas Jefferson, “A properly functioning democracy depends on an informed electorate.” Is it not better for democracy to have an informed Congress as well?

Golden has received a lot of pushback and criticism, especially from members of his own Democratic Party. Though critics and pundits on both sides could argue he committed political suicide, at least he had the courage to vote in a way he thought was right

So far, Golden has done an excellent job for Maine’s 2nd District. Unlike his predecessor, he is accessible to his constituents and conducts numerous town halls; sponsored and passed bipartisan legislation that affects Maine’s businesses and veterans, tasked by Congress to end the digital divide plaguing our nation’s rural communities, and, unlike his political rivals, Golden rarely utters a word of partisan rancor. He is an excellent example of servant leadership; concerned more about his constituents than his political future.

Agree or not with Golden’s impeachment vote, Mainers in the 2nd District should be thankful that we have an effective congressman who takes the time to think and act above and beyond the caustic political partisanship currently dividing our nation.

Mike Turcotte

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