As a lobsterman, I know the Maine coast is full of nooks and crannies, many of which surround small coves and bays that make this a special place. The small scale of the shape of the coast and the communities that live along it is not the right place for 100-acre industrial-scale operations. Aquaculture leases in Maine can be up to 100 acres apiece, with a single owner having up to 1,000 acres in total. A hundred acres is like a 100 football fields. It’s not a small space. This isn’t the right fit for the Maine coast.

Put the character of the coast aside and think about how limiting this is to other people trying to be out on the water. Fishermen can’t fish in that area. Boaters have to go out of their way to get around it. Vessel traffic can’t navigate through it. These leases take away from the open waters that should be able to be used by everyone. That’s the job of the Maine Department of Marine Resources – to protect the character of the coast for all Maine citizens. That’s not to mention the impact on what it looks like and how tourism, a major economic contributor in the state, will be affected.

It’s time to revisit the rules and the rulemakers.

Adam Ulrickson


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