Sen. Margret Chase Smith’s response to Joe McCarthy: “The right thing is not always the popular and easy way. Standing up for what is right when it is unpopular is a true test of character.”

Senator Mitch McConnell’s response to impeachment: No questions asked, no witnesses/documents called, and President Trump will not be removed from office.

McConnell has broken his oath for “impartial justice and uphold the constitution.” I ask Sen. Susan Collins, shouldn’t he be recused?

In August 2016, Sen. Collins stated: “It is impossible to support Mr. Trump due to his lack of self-restraint of bullying and invective that would make an already perilous world even more so. He will attack everyone he perceives as enemies. He is unfit to be president.”

Unlike Sen McConnell, we know Sen. Collins will uphold her constitutional oath to remain fair and impartial in the Senate trial.

We in Maine are disgusted by this president’s incompetent, corrupt behavior, and exhausted by his vindictive behavior.

Collins must demonstrate the same courage Smith did and stand up for what is right for the country.

Maine needs Sen. Collins to listen and study all the facts, ask for documents that have been obstructed, and question new witnesses. She should follow her conscience to a fair and just conclusion, whatever that may be.


Cheryl Clukey


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