Impeachment will forever stain the legacy of Trump as well as those who support him

A lawbreaker, a liar whose vile character deserves what history records of him. You break the law, you lose the trust of the people you lead and must pay the penalty. Our vote is precious, and hopefully voters will not choose to allow corruption to continue unfettered.

How anyone can support this apprentice president is beyond understanding. There are many ways to accomplish our common goals, and I choose to not support Trump and his hurtful, hateful and corrupt ways.

Who has the courage to stand for their convictions, and who will continue to blindly support a cult leader who cares only for his personal goals. Expect a war, expect constant distraction and more chaos, expect more lies and, of course, more corruption if this faux Republican is supported further.

We need freedom of the press and we need the rule of law to balance corruption and corrupt people, including the President. Happy New Year

Dennis St. Jean